In the future global world Skive must live by its ideas, therefore we must continuously become better at looking at the known from new angles. To put together known factors in new ways. To notice the things that we usually overlook. This is what the 11 roundabouts in Skive have to remind us and inspire us to do. The 11 Stars of Skive can be understood as our common generators of ideas. They are standing as monumental symbols in the junctions of the area where 10,000 people pass by every day, encouraging us to think about reality in new ways. To consider if something could be completely different. At work, in our families, among our friends, in our minds.

The 11 Stars of Skive must contribute to putting the area of Skive on the world map of new thinking. They must tell the world that there is a foresighted city in Jutland that, in the name of globalisation, invests in the creativity of its residents in an original, beautiful, and internationally spectacular manner. They must tell the world that there is a city that makes an effort.

The 11 Stars of Skive have been designed by the internationally reputable design studio Jacob Jensen Design, which has been domiciled in Hejlskov near Skive for 40 years. All the sculptures have also been produced by local companies, with the exception of the underlying compass rings.
The 11 Stars of Skive are the result of a visionary local working relationship. The Municipality of Skive took the initiative, but the project had never been carried through without the strong support of 20 local companies. On behalf of the municipality I would like to thank these companies. Let this project mark a new beginning where we reach out for the stars together.

Per B. Jeppesen
Mayor in Skive Kommune 2002- 2006


See the opposite
At Jacob Jensen Design we make a living by getting ideas and being creative. When we were assigned with this task, we asked ourselves whether we would be able to pass on our own inspiration and working methods in a way that would work in a roundabout. Whether we would be able to find a way to inspire people in an area that we form part of ourselves and greatly appreciate. It has been a long process but we are satisfied with the result - as we say in Jutland.

The 11 Stars of Skive are based on three recurrent elements:

A FORM LANGUAGE: The works are primarily based on contrasts in black and silver, as it is known from the design of Jacob Jensen, and on classic shapes such as the cube and the sphere. The intention is in part to create a sharp and homogenous profile, in part to make the works aesthetically durable. They must be selfexplanatory, also in twenty years.

All works have been placed in a granite compass ring. North has been indicated by silver while the other three corners of the world are in relief. The purpose of the compass rings is in part to create a recurring element, in part to anchor the place in the world. You are here, and there is something around you.

A LEADING IDEA: The recurring idea of the works is opposites. Nine out of the eleven stars are based on thematic families where one work is practically cut out of the other. If e.g. the works the Square and the Castle are put together, they form a complete cube. The purpose of basing the works on opposites is to appeal to the opposite angle. To see what is missing. The invisible which is fully visible 300 metres down the road. You have to move to see the invisible. But you also have to remember where you come from to see the whole. Both movement and memory are required to make the works one whole.

AN UNDERLYING STORY: Each star is associated with a name and a story. The stories support the theme of opposites but often in a surprising, funny, or humorous way. The purpose of the stories is to appeal to new ideas and views of the world but also to add value to the stars in the form of a meaningful story. Something you can tell your children as you pass by.

Timothy Jacob Jensen, Chief Designer

21 juni 2010

Publiceret 22-06-2015